The Mermaid's Purse

The Mermaid's Purse

Navajo Quilt Edition (50 % off--such a deal!)


Something to Sell

If you've followed this column at all, it will probably come as no surprise to you that after I shipped my book off to be printed, and then oh-so-carefully proofread it, and then asked a couple of friends to proofread it, and FED EXed the corrections to the typesetter, and in general acted like a new mother about to give birth, the to include the last two chapters, not to mention the author bio (not that I’m bitter.)

So, I now have, several...hundred rare, first-run editions of The Mermaid's Purse which are missing the last two chapters. Undoubtedly it will one day be wildly valuable and finance all of our children's college educations, but for now, I'm selling them at a considerably reduced price because I have simply got to get them out of my dining room.

All are signed and have a brief explanation of how the book came to be missing those last two chapters. Readers can read the missing pages right here on this website.

I call this the Navajo Quilt Edition because the Navajos weave a deliberate error into every quilt, knowing that nothing but God is perfect. I think this is proof that my printer is definitely NOT God.