The So, the Thing Is...BLOG is Here

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So the thing is... I had these kids. These unbelievable children, who came into this world with fully defined agendas, of which I was only one part. I felt so funny-- so weird-- and strangely newborn myself that I started writing this column. And then I sent it to a bunch of friends. Mostly, it was about my experiences as a relatively new mom trying to raise my kids in a world that suddenly seemed like a different planet. With a dose of brash opinions thrown in, and, okay, maybe a little whining. Sort of a cross between a journal and a soapbox.

So, then my friends sent the column out to THEIR friends and they forwarded it on, and pretty soon, a BUNCH of people wanted to get this column.

It still shocks me. I keep wanting to ask "Are you SURE?"

Because mostly I feel like my mothering career is a cross between an I Love Lucy show and America's Funniest Home Videos. There are a lot of people out there who seem to do it better or with less angst. I keep writing about it anyway. Because it seems as though parenthood is filled with universal thoughts and feelings and events and maybe by exploring some of them in print, we'll all find common ground instead of focusing on the differences between us. (Plus, it's cheaper than therapy.)


Thanks for reading!